Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Snowberry Cowl

Confession: I made this cowl scarf last January... as in January 2014. Life has been non-stop for quite some time! When it did stop, I was going in other directions, and never had a chance to take a picture of the project to go with the post. So, here it finally is!

We had a snow day, and my husband and I hiked in the snow to the fabric store to pick out some yarn so I could have a fun project to work on during the days off from school.  I had just gotten a new winter coat for Christmas, and wanted to make a warm scarf to go with it.

I have had more than a year to wear this cowl scarf, however, and I must say that I absolutely love it! It it so warm and fills in that gap between the coat collar and chin that will get chilled on your average winter day.

Did I mention it is simple to make?  I worked a second one up in a day to give as a gift... If you want to give this as a gift set, you could pair this with the 29-55 Beret by Pierrot (Gosyo Co., Ltd). I absolutely love this hat and it goes so well with this cowl!

(Please excuse the poor photography... but it was time to get this published!)

  • Size J-10 or 6.00mm crochet hook
  • I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease yarn (medium weight 4). It took a little more than one skein, so you will want more than 200 yards. Estimate around 300 yards, and you should probably have enough. I've also made this with my favorite fisherman's wool in oatmeal... I think I'm addicted to that yarn.
  • scissors
  • st - stitch
  • ch - chain
  • sp - space
  • chsp - chain space
  • sk - skip
  • slst - slip stitch
  • sc - single crochet
  • dc - double crochet
  • fpdc - front post double crochet (visit the Winter Trails Hat Pattern for an explanation)
  • ps - puff stitch (visit the Garden Lace Shawl Pattern for an explanation)

To begin: ch 96, join with slst to first chain (be careful not to twist your yarn!)

Round 1: ch2 (counts as first dc), *sk 2 ch, ps in 3rd ch from hook, ch2, ps in same st, skip 2 ch, dc in 3rd ch from hook,* repeat * * around, join with slst to top of ch 2

Round 2: ch2, fpdc around ch2 from round 1, *ps, ch2, ps in next ch2 space, fpdc around next dc,* repeat * * around, join with slst to top of 1st fpdc

Round 3: ch2, fpdc around fpdc directly below from round 2, *ps, ch2, ps in next ch2 space, fpdc around next fpdc,* repeat * * around, join with slst to top of 1st fpdc

Note: Your first ch2 should be hidden behind the first fpdc.

Round 4-20: repeat round 3

To finish:  ch2, fpdc in fpdc in row below, *ch2, sc in ch2 space, ch2, fpdc in next fpdc,* repeat * * around, join with slst to top of fpdc, tie off, break yarn, weave in the ends

Feel free to add more row repeats if you wish for a taller cowl. If you would like to make the cowl longer, increase your starting chain by multiples of 6.

Let me know if you have any questions! Have fun with this one! I always find the puff stitch somewhat relaxing...I'm not sure why!

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