Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Scraps of Yarn and Intentionality

Recently, I wrote about how I am trying to be content. Yesterday, while standing in line at the craft store, I started chatting with the woman in line behind me. She was holding a giant stack of crafting paper books, leaning back to support the weight. A little wreath form was perched on top, and her phone was nestled in the wreath. Our conversation went something like this: 

"Did he just say there weren't any coupons on the app right now? I was sure I had a coupon." She shifted her paper stack to a knee and one arm and reached for her phone. 
"Are you using the 60% off paper coupon?" I asked her. "I saw it on my email and thought about getting some, but then I decided it was one of those things I would never actually get around to using." I adjusted my pinking shears and fabric cutting grid. I was building my stash of sewing supplies for a beginner curtains project for my classroom. 
She chuckled a little, looking at the pile of paper in her arms. I could tell the weight was starting to strain. "Yeah," she said, "I don't know if I'll ever use these..." 

Our conversation kind of died around then, because I was up next at the checkout and I was listening for the "I can help whoever's next." But, it got me thinking about some of my purchasing practices of late. I make an effort to buy things that I will specifically use, or for specific purposes, especially when it comes to crafting supplies. Part of it stems from the fact that I live in a fairly small house, and don't have a lot of extra space to store a big crafting stash. I also have recognized that when I find a new project, I like buying supplies specifically for that project. 

So, in my quest to be content, I've been trying to use up the scrappy, leftover yarn I do have before making a bunch of new things. Plus, I have a new classroom next year, and have been working on ideas to decorate it. 

Enter the bunting:  

I found this pattern on Ravelry, a website that has endless free and for purchase crochet and knit patterns. A designer by the name of Sandra Paul has created so many beautiful things. (I am eyeing her "Spice of Life" afghan for a future project...) I love looking at her work. The colors are gorgeous and so very cheerful. On her blog, she has a pattern for Granny Triangles. Let's just say  I was inspired...

It all started by trying to use up the leftover turquoise yarn from a blanket I made for my cousin's baby. 

I hung it up in my living room to see how it looked, and decided I really like it there. (I usually open the window shades, but it back-lights the banner and makes it hard to photograph.) Then I said to myself: these would make a really cute classroom banner... and I pulled out more of my yarn leftovers and started to work.

I was going to take the turquoise banner to school, but I kind of like it in my living room. I am planning to add some triangles of robin's egg blue fabric to the solid colored banner, along with (possibly, if there is enough) triangles of the flowery fabric I am using for the curtains in my classroom. 

I am excited to see how it all comes together. I'm trying to use up what I have and purchase supplies for specific purposes in the future. I'm trying to be intentional, and not find myself with a trunk full of yarn I really don't like but feel obligated to use because, well, I bought it for a really good deal. 

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