Thursday, September 3, 2015

Frothy Latte Cowl

Fall is on its way. It's one of my favorite seasons for flavors, clothes, anticipation, and outdoor adventures. I love the crisp mornings, the yellow leaves, the pumpkin and cinnamon, the scarves, boots, and flannel.

This cowl is a two-tone cowl made with two strands of yarn held together. One is a worsted weight yarn, the other is a fingering weight yarn. I used my oatmeal fisherman's wool (love this yarn) and a left-over gray acrylic fingering yarn I had in my stash from another project. Together, you have two lovely neutral colors that will go with so many others!

Cowl scarves are easy to make and are casual and low maintenance to wear. This is a simple pattern that only requires you know how to slip stitch, chain stitch, and single crochet. It would make an excellent beginning crochet project.


  • Two different types of yarn. I used a worsted weight and a fingering yarn. (And I honestly have no idea how much I used, because I was using remnants of the fingering and did not use up the worsted. Sorry I'm not more helpful!)
  • Size K (6.50mm) hook
  • scissors
  • slst: slip stitch
  • ch: chain stitch
  • sc: single crochet
  • ch3sp: chain 3 space
To begin: Ch 90 (or a multiple of 3) and join with slst to first ch to form a ring (being careful not to twist)

Round 1: ch1, sc in same ch from beginning chain, *ch3, skip 2, sc in 3rd ch*, repeat * * around, slst to top of 1st sc, join slst into the 1st ch3sp

Round 2: ch1, sc in same ch3 sp, ch3, sc in same ch3 space, *sc in next ch3sp, ch3, sc in same ch3sp,* repeat * * around, join with slst to top of 1st sc, slst to next ch3sp

Round 3-20: repeat round 2 (You can actually repeat the pattern as many times as you would like to get it the length you want around your neck.)

Round 21: ch1, sc in same ch3sp, ch2, *sc in next ch3sp, ch2,* repeat * * around, join with slst to top of 1st sc, cut yarn and tie off.

And there you have it! A simple cowl scarf to wear with your boots and flannel as you snuggle your lattes this fall! Enjoy!

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