Monday, December 31, 2012


I just spent the weekend away from home.

My husband and I, in honor of our upcoming anniversary, took a few days and escaped to the coast, staying in a state parks cabin and hiking and strolling the beach between rain showers.  We had beautiful weather on Sunday and took a 10-mile round-trip hike from our cabin out to the end of the cape and had the joy of spotting dozens of whale spouts.

We spent the weekend in an itty bitty cabin, free of clutter and the stuff that surrounds us every day.  It had three rooms: a main living area with a futon, tiny kitchenette (complete with refrigerator and microwave), table and chairs; a sleeping area with a double-single bunk bed; and a bathroom. We took basic bedding, kitchen, bath supplies, a few books, several dvds, some yarn and knitting needles (to practice - I'm learning how to knit!), and some board games.  It was so relaxing.

And, we spent the weekend talking about what it might look like to simplify our lives.  What if we lived with less... stuff?  What if we made a conscious effort to not fill the space we live in?  What if we didn't seek a bigger house when ours started feeling full, but rather looked for ways to cut back on the stuff filling it?

So, here's my goal, a New Year's resolution, if you will: Get rid of stuff.  My plan is to start in the kitchen, with that one drawer. (You know the one - it has all the different utensils, measuring cups, spatulas, spoons, etc... you have to dig to find the tool you're looking for...)  Our local homeless ministry has a thrift store from which the proceeds go to supporting the homeless mission.  Whatever I can't give to friends, we will box up and donate there.

I am excited, overwhelmed (how can so much stuff accumulate in two years?!), and ready to make some changes.  Who's with me?

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